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    Diabetic Reversal®

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    Diabetic Reversal®

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    Diabetic Reversal®

The CEO and Founder of the Diabetic Reversal,
James Bradley and the corporate staff
I am not only the president, I am also a client

My mother was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 about 19 years ago; I decided to do some research to see what I can do to make things better and easier for her. During my research I learned various Natural Herbal products work great for helping and even beating diabetes, things like Cinnamon, Pycnogenol, Mulberry, etc. Few years later I was diagnosed with diabetes. Instantly I started taking the same herbal supplements I was giving my mother along with the medicines prescribed by my doctor, I was taking 12 supplements at a time which totals 24 pills per day, split amongst two doses, plus glipizide my prescribed medicine, a hand full in the morning, and also in the evening. I said to myself there has to be an easier way then taking all these pills each day. I search for a combination supplement containing at least some these ingredients to help diabetics, but I found nothing.

A few years later I came up with the idea to capsule and bottle my idea to help myself and others suffering from diabetes. It was tough in the US so I found a manufacturer in Germany which is a country highly advanced in therapeutic uses of dietary and herbal supplements. I signed a contract with the manufacturer in Germany, the prototype was then created, all the ingredients combine was studied researched, tested and was approved finally after about 10 years. Diabetic Reversal™ was finally created.

My name is James Bradley, the creator of Diabetic Reversal™ and CEO of the company, NO I am not related to Dr Rayn Bradley, us having the same last name is just a coincidence. I beat diabetes a few years ago. My bodies, glucose level and pancreas is back to normal. I still take the diabetic Reversal™ Vitamin every day, the benefits of my product does so much more besides helps with diabetes. I beat type 2 diabetes, so can you.

James Bradley

Diabetic Specialist that help make Diabetic Reversal possible


Our Warehouse


Scientist that help create the Diabetic Reversal Vitamin


Raw Materials

We maintain an inventory of raw materials providing timely availability of a diverse selection of nutrients, these materials are rigorously tested to ensure quality, purity and potency. Our active raw materials include, but are not limited to potent natural extracts, natural herbal, Organic powders and herbal premixes. Raw materials used meet or exceed the requirements for the vitamin and nutraceutical industry as upheld by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Pharmacopoeia (USP).


We commanufactures full gamut of the Diabetic Reversal™ nutritional product, natural extracts, vitamins, minerals and botanicals. Our highly technically skilled professionals conduct a careful selection of potent and freshest natural ingredients. A meticulous attention is paid to processing and packaging details. We utilizes high volume mixers, screening machines, granulators, cone and ribbon blenders, Stokes rotary compression machines, extraction, PAMPak automatic encapsulation machines, high capacity coating pans for film coating, and fluidized bed driers. Packing operations are done utilizing Avery, Axon, Azco dispenser, Kaps-All, Automate and King machines.

Once the formula is approved for production, exacting quantities of each material are weighed out according to specifications outlined in the batch record, verified, and are then assigned to a designated blender. Raw materials are added to the blender in sequence and rotated according to a prescribed mixing time. Formulations are analyzed by batch, ensuring the potency and purity of every batch we manufacture.

The blended material can remain in powder form or is then encapsulated into solid dosage forms of capsules that adhere to exacting standards. From there, product is packaged in custom packaging for market.

We utilizes a facility in an ecologically friendly part of Long Island, New York measures up to 30,000 square foot, where the corporate office is located.

Our product is manufactured under strict GMP Quality Control guidelines and in accordance with all US Food and Drug Administration polices. Our product undergo at least five Quality Control testing suites during production and before the product is released to shipping. Raw Materials are cleared by the Pharmacy assuring that all ingredients meet or exceed the product specification.

Product is tested during and after the mixing process to guarantee that the ingredients have been completely and properly distributed throughout the mix. This is an important step in making sure each capsule, formula meet the full product specification. After encapsulated is completed, All capsules pass through a Visual QC Inspection table to rejectany broken or damaged tablets. And, finally, products receive a final and full testing after packaging guaranteeing that the product meets all potency, quality and packaging specifications.

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The Only Supplement On the Market Today - That Contains Organic Ingredient - To Help in the Fight Against Diabetes !