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Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Much of diabetes’ cell damage is oxidative, which means the insulin resistance is working to remove electrons from molecules. It leaves unstable cells that do not process insulin appropriately, and the cells can become chronically inflamed. Alpha-lipoic acid counters the oxidation and restores insulin function. It does this, in part, by removing glucose from the system sooner and delivering it to cells Alpha-lipoic acid is an approved diabetes treatment in Germany, a country that is highly advanced in therapeutic uses of dietary and herbal supplements.

More recent studies indicate alpha-lipoic acid hunts out and offsets the destructive action of maverick AGE “glycotoxin” cells that might be consumed from foods and long stored in the body. One of those AGE foods is barbecued meat, which is ironic since red meat is among the richest food sources of alphalipoic acid. It goes back again to cooking that meat at slow-cook, low temperatures rather than the grilling and charring that is on the rise in American homes and restaurants.

The therapeutic dose for alpha-lipoic acid is up to 600 milligrams daily, based on research studies. The supplement is typically sold in 50-milligram tablets. Be sure to space your daily dose across two to three times per day. There are two basic forms of alpha-lipoic acid: R and S. Most products are equal parts of both forms. Some natural health practitioners prefer alphalipoic acid supplements with only R or marked R-DHLA because the body naturally produces and uses the R form. If you find a R-DHLA product, then the proper dose is 150 to 300 mg per day.

Benefits of ALPHA-LIPOIC ACID in our Diabetic Reversal™ Vitamin

  • Improves Glucose & Cardiovascular
  • Restores Insulin Function
  • Hunts out and offsets the Destructive action of Maverick AGE “Glycotoxin” Cells

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