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As a naturopathic physician who runs the natural medicine diabetes clinic at Bastyr University in Seattle, Dr. Ryan Bradley has treated hundreds of patients who have successfully weaned off Type 2 medications completely or to a great extent. He highly recommends chromium picolinate. Dr. Bradley recommends you not change any medications (if you are on any) while undergoing at least three months of your personal chromium picolinate trial. He suggests you ask your health practitioner to measure your hemoglobin A1c to get a baseline number before taking chromium, then re-testing three months later.

One important note: Chromium picolinate could indeed lower your blood sugar counts in the first three months of trying it, Keep monitoring. The research on chromium is particularly deep. Clinical trials show that it can actually help diabetes prescription medications work better. Clinical studies indicate Type 2 diabetes patients taking chromium picolinate supplements may require lower doses of insulin, metformin, or sulfonylureas (a group of Type 2 medications including glimepiride, glyburide, glipizide, and chlorpropamide). So, yes, the medical mainstream and Big Pharm are interested. But chromium’s synergistic effect is a huge plus for you, too. If the medication works better, it follows that you can take less of it over time. And, even better, those clinical trials of chromium picolinate show that the supplement helps nine of every 10 volunteers improve glucose control. Some studies have focused strictly on pre-diabetes with similar positive results. What is more, some earlier work showed that Type 2 diabetes patients tested low for chromium.

What chromium appears to do is help insulin stick to cell walls so insulin receptors can take up glucose. Naturopathic medicine students learn in nutrition classes that most Americans are getting less chromium from their diets than two to three decades ago. We can get chromium in foods, but the high-amount sources are limited to egg yolks, beef and brewer’s yeast. But even a regular diet of steak and eggs will not provide enough, especially for a therapeutic effect. It is important to take chromium picolinate because the body absorbs chromium best in this form. The brand most used in clinical trials is Chromax. The federal government recommends that the typical adult gets somewhere between 20 and 40 micrograms of chromium daily. The therapeutic dose for diabetes prevention and treatment is 200 mcg of chromium one to three times daily. Some clinical trials have used up to 1,000 mcg daily (spread over three doses), but researchers do note that the long-term safety at this high daily dosage level is not yet known.

Benefits of CHROMIUM PICOLINATE in our Diabetic Reversal™ Vitamin

  • Lowers your blood Sugar count
  • Helps Prescription Medications work better
  • Helps Insulin stick to Cell walls


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