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Mulberry bush. Research studies in China and Japan are portraying mulberry powder or mulberry leaf extract as inhibitors of enzymes that otherwise turn loose glucose in the blood. Food scientists are in agreement that the mulberry plant is medicinal. One recent study published in the Diabetes Care journal reported that a mulberry leaf extract reduced peak post-meal blood sugar spikes by 44 percent, on average.

One suggested interim approach for mulberry is to purchase a mulberry leaf extract in a 30-to-1 concentrate standardized to contain two percent moranoline content. Pharmacopoeia of the Heavenly Husbandman, the first written documentation of Chinese herbal medicine (dating back to 200 B.C.), called mulberry leaf the "Divine Leaf" because of its healing and anti-aging power.

Later, the Grand Materia Medica (or Compendium of Materia Medica), written in the 16th century, and the most authoritative classic Chinese herbal textbook, also described mulberry leaf as the "Divine Leaf," saying "It can be boiled to drink as tea, and if taken often can promote beauty and strength digestion. Take the extract twice daily. Mulberry leaves are grown in the deep mountains of Southeast China, harvested in late August, and only leaves on the distal parts of younger branches are picked to ensure the active ingredients are at their richest. A proprietary extraction method is then applied to prepare the final ingredient.

Benefits of Mulberry in Our Diabetic Reversalâ„¢ Vitamin

  • Turns loose Glucose in the Blood
  • Reduced peak post-meal blood sugar spikes by 44 percent
  • Healing and anti-aging power
  • Promotes beauty and strength digestion

Nacide Ercan-Fang, MD, Litao Zhong MD, PHD3 Julie Furne and Michael Levitt, MD Says about about Mulberry CLICK FOR MORE INFO

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